Solutions: Moisture Remediation

Solutions: Moisture RemediationToday’s floor finishes are more sensitive to moisture than ever before. That’s one reason why we have researched to find the best products in the industry to correct hydrostatic pressure, moisture emissions and moisture vapor problems. Flooring Solutions will gladly test the floor before and after the system is installed and we guarantee our work to remain below 4 lbs. of pressure for at least 10 years. Please contact us for more information and further details.

Your new floor can be no better than the sub-floor below. Often a concrete sub-floor must be leveled, smoothed or otherwise repaired before a new finished floor can be installed. Excessive moisture or water vapor pressure in a concrete sub-floor can cause extremely costly flooring failures as well as unhealthy mold and fungus growth. Flooring Solutions has developed a sound expertise in identifying and correcting these sub-floor difficulties.

We know what the best products are for correcting issues like moisture emissions and moisture vapor problems. Our technicians are trained specialists who know how to work with concrete.

We are certified by the three leading manufacturers in the world to install their moisture control systems. With over 750,000 square feet of product on the floor to date and not a single failure we are confident that the products we have available can solve any moisture emission problem you may encounter. These systems can be installed for any type of floor covering and in virtually any facility including hospitals, new, renovation or in operation.