Space Hygiene™ for Healthcare

Flooring Solutions has developed an innovative program, SPACE HYGIENE™ to meet Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) compliance in healthcare and other sensitive corporate environments. An important part of this program is our own patented [N]CASE® containment system, which will greatly reduce the risk associated with the spread of dust and airborne contaminants in your facility.

The Issue

Nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infection in patients that may arise as a result of exposure to organisms released into the environment during construction and renovation activities.

The Challenge

Controlling the dispersal of air-and/or water-borne infectious agents concealed within building components during construction and renovation.

We begin the process by evaluating the area where the work is to be performed. This includes determining the level of risk, life safety traffic patterns, as well as noise and environmental impact on adjoining areas.

The next step includes educating staff and other construction workers to ensure compliance with the well defined [N]CASE® process. Critical barriers are constructed with appropriate signage and negative air pressure is maintained within the work site using HEPA-equipped air filtration units.

As the demolition begins, the flooring material including its potential contaminants is encased. The backing is saturated with dustDOWN™, an antibacterial wetting solution, to prevent dust from escaping into the air. If required, we will also monitor the air outside the renovated area to make certain contaminates remain in the designated work space. The removed materials are then placed in covered carts and taken out of your facility for disposal.

Given the rise in infection diseases, particularly those resistant to antibiotics, we want to make certain your sensitive facility remains safe from contaminates like molds and bacteria during your renovation project. [N]CASE® will provide that security, and give you peace of mind.

The Solution

SPACE HYGIENE™, [N]CASE®, dustDOWN™ the multi-point system of containment delivered by Flooring Solutions.


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